Sunday, September 6, 2009

What I have learned

I learned a lot today.
Marshall, my grandson rode the mower with me a little today. I learned that even a one year old likes to grab the controls and steer the mower. I learned everyone wants to be in charge. But I know few are willing to pay the price to be a leader.

I built a closet today in the bonus room upstairs. We are converting it to a bedroom for Amber, she's a college girl now and needs some space. the bonus room has enough room in it to be a bedroom/sitting room/study room. It needed a closet to be a bedroom. I learned today that you can never build a cloet big enough to satisfy ANY woman. But I already knew people are hard to please.

Bro Andy helped me today. I needed a trailer and don't have a hitch on my vehicles, so I called him and asked him if he would help me. I can't remember ever asking Andy to do anything that he wasn't willing to do. Andy is a friend, and Andy is loyal. Andy calls me Pastor, but he is my friend. I learned today that friendship doesn't discern ethnic and vocabulary barriers. But I knew a friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.

And as I cut the grass, I thought about something I read somewhere, some time back. Obedience most often precedes understanding. And I thought, I have learned that. Often people become frustrated today because we live in a society that says "Before you accept something, you must first understand it." We disect things, we break them down, we feel we must understand before we can ever obey.

Teachers tell our children that they don't have to obey if parents are overbearing and demanding. Parents shouldn't force their religion on their children. Our elected leaders try daily to get us to understand that they are looking out for us, government knows better than we do.
We should understand the plight of less fortunate people, we should understand that we are not all the same, and we should be willing to overlook our diferences and accept people for who they are. We believe that understanding should come, then acceptance will follow.

But I have learned that sometimes, in fact often, obedience precedes understanding.
I'm no worse for obeying Mom and Dad, even though I never understood why they wouldn't let me go. Now that I have children, I understand. But I didn't when I was told to just obey.

I would like to drive faster. I have always wanted to drive faster. Above the speed limit, that's where I like to drive. I have, on occasion......ok......several times, been pulled over by the police and on occasion, I have been ticketed. I have been told to slow down, take my time, not get in a hurry. I was forced to obey, now that I have driven for a few years, I know why. I have driven by accidents. I have seen death caused by wrecklesss, speeding drivers. I have slowed down, but my obedience had to precede my understanding,

So what's my point?
Man am I glad you asked...... Sometimes, we just have to obey. Even before we understand. God never promised that we would understand every command, every step He told us to take.
He just said if we would, then He would. I've found out that if I will obey Him, even when I don't understand I will recieve my promise. My family has been tested this past year. My wife's father, our immediate family, and we haven't gotten answers to the questions we have asked. I'll be honest. I don't understand. I haven't doubted, but there have been times when I have questioned, "Why God?"

You know what, I still haven't gotten answers to some of my questions, but I've never doubted. And in my trust I have continued to obey. And you know what, I have found a secret. I don't have to understand to reap blessings. I just have to obey. Obedience precedes understanding. And Obedience precedes blessing. Some folks are always complaining that they aren't blessed like somebody else, but the real issue is not that they aren't blessed, it is that they aren't obedient. If you are willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land. Doesn't make sense sometimes, but obedience precedes understanding.

So today, I have learned a lot. But long before I ever understood it, I obeyed it.

Obey God, Serve God, Be Faithful to God........


Mark said...

Great article Terry. Sent it to my young ministers!

~Chris said...

Well said Terry, well said.
~ Chris