Monday, November 19, 2012

Just a musing as I study....................

The Hebrew word for mercy is rachuwm. It's meaning is compassion. It is a noun.The Hebrew root word for grace is chanan. It means to stoop down, or bend in kindness to an inferior. It is a verb.
What God's mercy saw, His grace stooped to save.
Mercy is what allowed us access to God. Grace is the mechanism God used to reach to us in our sinful state.
A holy, Spirit God saw us with mercy, and when He could find none to stand in the gap, His own right arm brought salvation. That is the grace of God in action.
Mercy saw us, devised a plan from the foundation of the world.
Grace was a baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes, laying in a manger.
Grace was The Christ carrying the cross up Galgotha's hill.
Grace was Christ crucified.
It is My hope of glory.
Mercy peeked behind the veil in the old testament as the high priest would bring the blood from the spotless lamb to sprinkle on the mercy seat, and mercy saw millions of Jews who waited for the glory of God to appear. When Jesus died on the cross, when grace stooped down in kindness to a lost world, mercy ran from behind the veil and was freely given to all who would recieve Him.
Rachuwn saw me, and chanan reached down to save me.

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