Monday, May 14, 2012

Well let me tell you..........

Rehoboam was the son of King Solomon. We know that The Word of God tells us that Solomon was an extremely wise man (1 Kings 4:29). People came from all over the world just to see and hear the Wisdom of Solomon. The bible says when Solomon died, his son Rehoboam reigned in his stead. He had just begun his new position of King of Israel when the people of Israel came to him with a request. Rehoboam turned first to the elders who served King Solomon for advice on how to deal with the request. These elders stood before and walked with King Solomon. Theirs was not advice that was easy to swallow, it was not advice that seemed.........kingly. It was advice that told the most pwerful man in the kingdom to be humble, to lead gently.

These men had witnessed firsthand the wisdom of God flow through Rehoboam’s father, King Solomon. They had been eyewitnesses to the ways that wisdom could bring peace and prosperity to a King, a Kingdom and a Nation. So, what did the son of Solomon do? He turned to the young men that he grew up with, his fellow classmates, if you will. Rehoboam decided to seek advice fromhis peers. He decided afeter hearing their advice to take the advice of those who had no experience in the arena that he was needing counsel from. And the young men gave him advice that was prideful and full of arrogance.

After hearing the advice of both parties, Rehoboam decided to follow what his peers suggested. Rehoboam need only make one decision to unite the kingdom that his father had so ably ruled over.  One decision could make hima king that all Israel could follow and trust. The decision ultimately was his alone to make. And that one decision divided his kingdom. It was truly costly to him and the entire nation.

Every day we are ALL MAKING DECISIONS. Some we know the right answers to. And yet, some we have to discover the right answers for. There are some principles we can apply to assist us in making the right decisions in our lives. 
First, look to The Word of God and see what God says about the issues and decisions of your life.
Second, pray and ask God to give you wisdom to know the correct ways to go.
Lastly, then seek Godly counsel. Talk to those who have walked with God and have been where you have been or are going, people who have sat in the counsel of God and have proven His Ways. Then match what they say with what The Word says. Correct advice will always go with what God says to do. I have found there are two ways to learn things, by experience or by someone teaching you. Teaching you is quicker and saves you from difficulty and problems. Don’t be like Rehoboam and seek out the WRONG PEOPLE for answers. Remember, God is Who gave all that Wisdom to Solomon. Just ask and seek Him and He will ADVISE YOU!

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