Monday, March 15, 2010

It's a new day

Well, it truly is a new day. My Mom texted me. She texted me that she wanted me to know she was there for me. I texted back, " Did you mean for this to come to me?"

Yes was her response. She said she is worried about me. I told her not to worry, my gun isn't loaded.

Now, it's not a new day in that Mom is worried about me. Truth be told, I have always caused her a bit of worry I'm afraid. But she let me know by texting me. My mother, texting me.

My how things have changed. My how things are still the same. I'm glad my Mom loves me enough to worry about me. She has seen, first hand the rigors of being a pastor. She has some insight that some never have to the life a pastor leads. Mom knows because she has seen the hurt a shepherd feels when a sheep has gone astray. Oh, they always have a good excuse. Yeah, they always have a way of justifying the fault or the wrong, and when the shepherd has to, sometimes with force, nudge them back to the fold.....Mom has seen the agony the pastor goes through. She knows the struggle within the heart of the pastor, leave them alone and they stray farther, confront them and they get angry and run.
Some days I wish there was a text that Pastor could send that would convey he's worried and not ever make anyone mad at him. Sometimes I wish there was a text he could send and people would feel the hurt he feels when they stray too far from the fold. Some days I wish there was a text that he could send that would make people wake up and realize God doesn't accept excuses.
But although today is a new day, still it is a day like so many others that have come and gone.

Thanks Mom for reminding me worry is sometimes ok. Thanks Mom for reminding me that people do worry when they love someone. Thanks Mom for reminding me that love sometimes sticks it's nose in where it isn't asked. Thanks Mom for reminding me I need to love, unconditionally.

It's a new day. It's another day just like yesterday, and yet it's different. Sometimes we forget that every day is new and that every day carries new mercies from God. If it's ok, I think I'll stick my nose a few places where I haven't been invited. If it's ok, I think I'll love people anyway. If it's ok, I'll keep worrying about characteristics and traits that don't draw God closer.

It's a new day.
It is indeed a new day.
I think I'll keep keepin on.

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